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"These guys are the coolest ever"

- Make Believe Magazine -

The Mighty Misfits is Paul Colman (Australia) and Claas P Jambor (Germany). They perform together as a duo and have done so in Europe and the US over the last 13 years. The Mighty Misfits was born out of a desire to write and perform music that crosses musical, cultural and religious borders. Both musicians share the Christian faith and yet have the ability to expertly entertain diverse audiences without compromising their values. There are not many people who can achieve this feat. It’s not been easy for these seasoned veterans over the years as often people seem to require a predictability within a particular genre. But rather than see this as a limitation, these two musicians are celebrating their God-given diversity. Thus the name The Mighty Misfits. Their songs have lyrical depth and yet are catchy and fun at the same time. They perform in bars, churches, festivals, high schools, universities and at house concerts. For more information and to book a show please email